Sunday, March 23, 2008

Newbies Swap Goods

I can't believe I forgot to post when I got the goods from my totally awesome swap angel. She really thought about what I would want and then, she sent really quickly. I was very lucky to get such a great swap angel when my original partner flaked.

Everything: Newbie Swap Group

Bookmark: Newbie Swap Bookmarke Close

Magnets: Newbie Swap Magnets

Bag: Newbie Swap Bag DetailNewbie Swap Bag Lining

Box: Newbie Swap Box Close

Carving: Newbie Swap Dragon Carving

Easter Bunny Poppet

Made for my aunt for Easter/Birthday.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Newbies Only Swap - My 1st Swap

I participated in my 1st swap on Craftster and unfortunately, it didn't really go too well. My partner and I didn't communicate much, but I just figured it was due to us working on our stuff to send each other. I know my skills aren't fantastic, but I worked really hard on everything I sent her and I spent way longer than the guidelines suggest (because I'm so slow). Still-it looks like she got my package, but is not going to be sending me one (what Craftster calls a flaker). I had a feeling this might happen from the get-go, but I didn't want to let it ruin my experience. I ended up having a GREAT idea as to what to make my partner and I really hoped she liked what I made, even if I don't get to hear it from her. I like what I made, so I guess that is what counts. Here are the many pictures of everything.

Swap stuff sent to CANE
Swap stuff sent to CANE-Frank N FurterSwap stuff sent to CANE-Rocky and Toast
Swap stuff sent to CANESwap stuff sent to CANE-Inside Tote