Sunday, June 25, 2006

Frog, Dog and Lizard Stuffies

*Orginaly May 18, 2006

Here are some stuffies I made. They can also be found on or the frog is also on my Deviant Art page. First is a frog I made for a friend's birthday. She really likes frogs. I found the pattern here: FrogStore

This frog was my 3rd and best attempt and is now in his new owner's care.

For another friend's birthday, I made a dog stuffie. I just made up the pattern, and it's not very good. The legs are way wrong, but it's still really cute. I used a rock that I found for the nose.

Finally, here are my 1st and 2nd attempts at the frog pattern. The first frog came out ok, but I forgot one dart. The second one I tried with no darts at all and I thought it looked more like a lizard so I added a tail and voila! A lizard. (o: