Sunday, June 25, 2006

Halter and Tube

*Originally May 20, 2006
I got a book the other day: Generation T-108 Ways to Reconstruct Your T-Shirt or something like that. (Book on Amazon) The book is unfortunately not written for girls that have boobs, so my first creation did not turn out as planned. I took the Phantom of the Opera t-shirt and tried to turn it into a halter. Well, the straps ended up way to short to cover me, and so did the triangle parts (the book shows them with a nice pucker to the bottom). I had to add on the straps and just make a tie in the back. I had to undo the pucker in order to have the triangles cover the girls-now they need a dart, but it's late and I don't want to mess with that now. I might even add a little tie or something in the middle because I still feel mega-exposed! If I ever add the darts I'll post another picture.

Then I took a long-sleeved wolf shirt and turned it into a tube top. I tried to compensate for the boobs again-this is still really tight. There is suppose to be a drawstring at the top, but it's so tight I really don't need it. I really like how this one came out-it was so easy to do also. I just cute off the sleeves, made it a tad slimmer and added a hem at the top. The shirt was still long, so I cut a few inches off of the bottom and just left a raw edge.